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WRITER Code  Masterclass Schedule

Lesson 1

Getting Started - with the WRITER Code

Lesson 2

"Aargh!" to "Ahhh" - Making Progress Inevitable

Lesson 3

Persistent Progress - The Easier Way

Lesson 4

Mind the GAP

The lessons listed above are just the start - I’ll have workbooks, tracking logs, invitations to writing sprints and Q&As. 
BUT... all this is only available for a short time (it closes down soon so we can focus on the next StoryADay Challenge)... so be sure to check it out now while you still can.


6 Reasons to Join the WRITER Code Masterclass


  • I’ll be teaching you the strategy responsible for getting hundreds of first drafts written (from 'idea' to 'the end')
  • It's my secret to getting through the StoryADay May challenge AND keeping the momentum going for the rest of the year.
  • You’ll get in-depth training on how to put the Short Story Framework to work for you to help you write today, not 'some day'.
  • You’ll be invited to live sessions with me and the Superstars so you can begin to write, and get your questions answered.
  • Yes - there are replays of the recordings, but they don't stay up for long
  • Did I mention there’s absolutely no cost? Just enter your best email address - and come join us.

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Writers Just Like You...



I found [the task in Lesson 1] a surprisingly simple and straightforward morale boosting trick. Thanks for the great idea!


Thank you so much for this. The story took me completely by surprise. It was strange, because I'm more of a plotter...it felt great!


It works. I came up with an idea for a story different from anything I’ve written before. Thanks!


I produced three different story options... It’s brilliant. I’ve taken one of the ideas and developed it into a first draft of a short story.
 It’s such a carefully thought out strategy. Thank you for generously sharing it.


It gives me just enough push and structure to get an idea and a story started. The lesson actually got me writing. Brilliant. Thank you, ma’am.


You are such an inspiration! …dusting off my keyboard once again!

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