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Privacy Policy

Human-Friendly Version

StoryADay collects your email address (if you provide it) to communicate with you about StoryADay events and news. I never give your email address to anyone else. I suppose I’d have to if legally required, but apart from that, your details are in a database that only site admins can access (for now, that’s me, Julie Duffy).

This site uses cookies and affiliate links. That means, if you click on my links to sites like Amazon, Bluehost (my web host), Audible (which I have loved since 1999) or Scrivener (my fave writing software), you may be tracked and I may get a kickback if you buy anything. This helps defray the costs of running the site. A bit. Not much. But I appreciate what I can get.

Guest posters may also provide affiliate links and use cookies in the links in their bios.

If you’re not cool with this, don’t click on links to Amazon, Bluehost, Audible Scrivener or anything else I identify as an affiliate link (and, apart from those four, I’ll always identify affiliate links). Google is your friend, here: just search for information about whatever is linked to, and go there, ‘naked’.

If you join our community, again, whatever details you provide will be stored in a database accessible by StoryADay admin(s).

I will never sell, rent, giveaway or otherwise abuse the information you share here. If I want to quote a comment you’ve made in the private community, I’ll ask.

You should feel free to share StoryADay-branded graphics, logos, buttons, promotional information, as long as you’re not reselling it. If you want to reprint an article, please ask.

Proper Legal Version

This is the official privacy policy of StoryADay LLC

last updated: 23 April 2021