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When I discovered the trick to being consistent in my writing I went from being unable to finish a single story to someone who plans her day around writing.

I have the confidence to enter contests and submit stories to journals.

I've written five novels.

And best of all, my family sees how seriously I take my writing and they actively encourage me to pursue it...if only because they like me better when I’m all happy and fulfilled after a writing session.


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Hi , it’s Julie Duffy from

I’ve been helping people take their dream of being a writer and turn it into reality, since 2010.

Like them, you could:

  • unlock blocks that might have stopped you writing, for years
  • get teary-eyed when you realize the impact your writing has on another soul (and your own)
  • finish your first story in a decade, then your second ... and your three hundredth. 

Every year, I hear from writers -- from beginners to extremely experienced writers -- who delightedly tell me about the upcoming publication of a story they drafted in one of my challenges or workshops.

Just as thrilling are the stories from people like Sarah who rekindled her love for writing, and whose kids started to make sure Mom always got time to write -- and who is now collaborating on a novel with her daughter.

Or Heidi who learned to tell her own story, and reclaim it in the process.

There are people in the StoryADay  community who have gone on to sign with agents and publish books, and there are people who are simply living a happier, more fulfilled life, because they’ve given themselves the permission and the framework in which to write. 

The I, WRITER Course shows the framework for creating a writing life you can love.


 Discover the I, WRITER Framework


  | Imagine | Write | Refine | Improve | Triumph | Engage | Repeat |

Each letter of I, WRITER stands for a part of the process and a piece of the puzzle you can solve.

Mindset, making time, and finding ideas are important parts of visualizing and implementing a writing life, so we start there.

Putting your perfect ideas on the page can be intimidating. To break through those blocks and take control of your creativity you need plenty of practice drafting new stories.

Building a rewarding writing practice involves lots of skills -- time management, creativity, habits, as well as storytelling techniques. Luckily we don't have go get any of this right first time. Reviewing your progress and refining your practice takes...well, practice. 

The fastest way to improve is to get plenty of practice, so we’ll explore a form of short fiction that allows you to write a lot of stories in a short time, quickly creating impact for you and your readers.

Behavioral science stresses the importance of celebrating every step on our journey.  But those aren't the only important celebrations in writing: it's just as important to create compelling characters your audience will cheer for (or against!).

Writing can be a solitary pursuit, but being a writer can't. You need a community to encourage you, an audience who engages with your words, and a sense of where you, personally fit in the continuity of storytellers through the ages., to keep you rooted in your storytelling.

If you’re in this for the long haul, you need to repeat each step of this framework, at each stage of your writing journey. In the I, WRITER Course, we’ll look at mistakes to avoid in your writing, and create a plan for the future of your writing life.

You'll work on every stage of this framework in the I, WRITER Course, so you don't have to waste time with trial and error.


Neha Mediratta

"If I would have been doing this on my own, it would not have happened in a year's time"

Janine Griffin

"Part of the problem is it's very hard to write by yourself.  In the I, WRITER group people are writing different things but the camaraderie was really motivational."


"If your writing progress, to encourage you to have a particular momentum in your life,  this will be a good step."

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 Two bonus workshops to get you started

The Time To Write Workshop helps you make time in your schedule.

The Idea Generator workshop takes you through process of generating great ideas, consistently.

Both workshops are available in the course portal a week before the main course begins $97


 An exclusive invitation to join the StoryADay Superstars in our Oct Critique Week. $197


 SPECIAL STRETCH GOAL: if at least 12 people sign up for this cohort, I'll schedule 3 group coaching calls, so you can get your burning writing questions answered, share wins, and have that added incentive to move through the modules (I know writers! We need deadlines!)

You can hire me for private coaching at $300/hr OR encourage your friends to join you in I, WRITER and unlock this bonus!  $900

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Whether you’re starting out, coming back to your writing or simply looking for a way to focus and get excited about your writing again, the I, WRITER Course is designed for you.

Writing is a lonely business, but you don't have to make all the decisions, alone.

Join us, for the I, WRITER Course and make every day a good writing day.

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