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What You Need To Succeed As A Writer

With the best of intentions, it can be all too easy to lose momentum around your writing goals That's why I have a plan, and an invitation, for you:


If you'd like a guide and a crew to help you on your writing journey,

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The next live class starts this week and won't be open again for a few months. Take advantage of the good kind of peer pressure, and join us!

Go into the next season in your writing life with multiple complete drafts, confidence in your voice, and a new way of working.

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Your Writing Life Series

Watch the three-part series that outlines the I, WRITER Framework and learn how to support your writing life.

I. Why Is Writing (Sometimes) So Hard?


II. Make Writing Easier With This Framework


III. How to Write 10 Stories In 6 Weeks


IV. Don't Wait. Write With Us

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What People Are Saying About the I, WRITER Course 


Jeff Lai 

Writer's Digest's recommendation suggested to Jeff that this might be the right place for him.



The structure of the course, and the community made all the difference.


Jeff Lai

"It was exactly what I needed, which is to say, a little bit more structure..."



Soleah Sadge

"It changed everything...I couldn't write short stories before."



Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, it can help you gain momentum 


Jeff Lai

"I have a writing habit. I have this desire to sit down and write every day and i'm confident that will always be there for me now."


Join us on this powerful journey and start building your writing life now, not "some day"!

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