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Write A Story Based Around Workers


  • Labour Day in the US celebrates the contributions of the labor movement to workers' safety, happiness and ability to earn a living.
  • Your story could focus on the growth of the labor movement (in the past, in the present or in an alternate, fantasy or science fiction reality.)
  • Examples of the kinds of stories I'm thinking of: Upstairs Downstairs, which focused not just on the elite, but also on the workers; the "A View From The Gallery" episode of Babylon 5, told from the view of maintenance workers; the story arc on Battlestar Galactica that investigated what happens in a newly-forming society if people are being raised to do one type of job...
  • You could look at a historical event, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, that was pivotal in changing attitudes to worker conditions.
  • You could spend some time in the world of a novel-in-progress, investigating how all the muckiest jobs get done in your fictional world. Who does them, and what is their day like?


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