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You Don't Need To Go It Alone Any more!

Writing is a solitary act, but that doesn't mean you have to figure it out all by yourself!

Why Take A Course?

Because writing is hard. And 'not writing' seems, in the short term, a lot less painful.

Writers need deadlines and focus...and we are the kind of people who loved school for that reason.

A writing course can be the perfect way to give ourselves a structure and accountability, and to stop us from procrastinating for ever.

Plus, every creative artists needs to level-up their skills continuously. That happens when we invest in our writing.

Are you ready to invest in your writing?

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What's in This Course?

The course contains 8 modules, 10 writing assignments and several pieces of supplemental materials like reading lists.

Each module contains a mix of PDF documents, audio files and videos. All of these materials overlap, so that you can choose the format that suits you best.

And yes, you can download them, and you have lifetime access to the materials.

The modules include

  • The Idea Generator
  • Sparks To Stories
  • Mentors & Influences
  • The Importance of First Drafts
  • The Copycat Writing Workshop
  • Short Story Pitfalls
  • The Importance of Community
  • In It For the Long Haul

Writing Assignments

Each module contains one or more writing assignments. You can do them in order or skip around.

The assignments range from tiny Twitter tales, to a 2,000 word story, to The One You've Been Waiting To Write. Some are closely based on writing prompts, others will come from your notes and Story Sparks.



For the study-at-home version of this course, you can work through it at your own pace. I have three suggested timelines, each with a custom checklist to help you stay on track.

  • 6 Week Version - work through the course at a good pace
  • 3 Week Bootcamp - a fast pace to get you really warmed up
  • 10-Day Insanity Version - clear your schedule!

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You get free access to the Time To Write Workshop Course:

  • Time To Write Workbook & audio
  • Time Finder Worksheet
  • Time Maker Worksheet
  • $17 value

Bonus II - Free Upgrades

I'm working to upgrade this course to make it more user friendly, more up-to-date and to include some group coaching in the program.

These peices will be in place by Spring 2020, and you'll be eligible to participate in all the upgrade options.

Immediate bonus:  access to the Orientation workshop to help you work through the existing version of the course.

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Do I Have To Submit My Stories Somewhere?

No. This course is about creating a habit of creativity, and learning how to incorporate it into your life. 

Writing regularly (and a lot) is the first step in becoming a better writer. Feedback is certainly part of that, but I’m wary of introducing that too early.

I want you to write in secret, in a safe place.


Will I Get Feedback On My Stories

I’ve de-coupled the feedback parts from the productivity parts, because critique is a complicated business: it's important to know what kind of feedback you need at which stage of your writing career, and even each project.

Even if you join the Superstars program there is currently no formal, built-in feedback mechanism for the same reason: creation is different from editing.

I currently run 3 Critique weeks each year, which people opt into when they’re ready.


If I’m Already Flush With Ideas What Do I Get Out Of This Course?

Firstly, you might find the Idea Generator/tracker section useful if you don’t already have a way to capture ideas. OR you may look at it and go “that’s not for me”, but I think that is equally valuable because in rejecting my idea your brain will start supplying ideas that fit it better!

Secondly, you can use all the modules to give your writing focus each day or week that you work through them.

It's all very well to sit down and say "i want to write today", but with no structure in place, it can be hard to make real progress.

Thirdly, if you are having trouble getting pieces finished, the First Drafts, Copycat and Community modules will be invaluable!


Can I Use This Course To Work on Stories I Wrote During the StoryADay Challenge?


Although there are built-in writing prompts as part of this course, every module will prompt you to work more deeply on an aspect of your writing.

You can absolutely use these lessons and the structure of the course as you revise your existing stories.


What If I Don't Love The Course?

I don't want to waste your time or energy. If you've given this course a try and it really seems like it's not for you, I offer a 14-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Just email me. I don't want to waste your time on materials that aren't helping you!

But if it's just that the timing isn't right, remember that you will have lifetime access to this course and all its upgrades, if you decide to keep it.

Ready to get started?

Join The Warm Up Your WRiting Course

Warm Up Your Writing Course
The StoryADay Warm up course helps you get your writing revved, not 'some day'!
With modules from Story Sparks and Idea Generation, to the popular Copycat Writing Workshop, set your own pace and create 10 stories in anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks.
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