StoryADay Critique Week

It can be hard to find a great critique group, but it usually works out well when

  • You trust the organizer
  • The group has clear goals and a clear timeline
  • Everyone is writing the same thing (in this case: short stories)
  • The group has a clear code of conduct and an active leader.

I run critique groups three times a year, and you're invited!

Critique Week Oct 2019 You Have Access


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"The feedback I got from Julie alone was worth more than the price of the class, but I got huge value also from the lesson material and other participants."

- J. M. Randolph

"The feedback was fantastic and really helped me focus on where my first-draft weaknesses are and how to correct them in revision."

- Fleet Sparrow

"The class members' critiques were helpful, but Julie's critique alone was invaluable! I will apply all that I've learned in this course to all of my writings. Well-worth it."

- Magsart

"I always sign up the minute Critique Week opens.

The feedback is so helpful, and the community is always great. I love the chance to read other people’s stories, and now Reading Week offers the chance to see how some of them grow!"

- Laura Jane Swanson

"Critique Week reminds me that I really am a writer and that I can make mistakes and still be a writer with a story people want to read.

It also introduces me to other writers I want to root for."

- Marta Pelrine-Bacon


"This is a great group and Julie's attention to detail, organizational skills, and her encouragement in each writer's work makes this exercise a valuable tool in increasing my skill as a writer."

- Leslie Stack


"Amazing feedback from Julie!"

- Sarah

"The class gave me a valuable insight into how my writing will be perceived by future readers. The critiques will help with me editing process."

- Lynette

"I had no idea what to expect but was happy with how things went. People saw things in my work that I had overlooked and thinking about how other people wrote helped me see my own story differently.

- A. N.