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Write A Story In 40 Mins WEbinar

Watch the replay now, before the challenge begins, for one way to write quick first drafts, and a super-motivating pep-talk designed to get you writing, so that you can finally begin to live your dream of being a writer.

Replay expires in...


Don't Miss these highlights

Turn the sound on so you can hear me. People really seem to like my accent!)

5:56 - The method

15:50 - The part where I spontaneously demonstrate that originality is overrated

22:55 - Bonus tips on how to make your story shorter (or longer)

32:28 - How to make it happen in 40 minutes

If you're longing to make writing a part of your life, at last, so that you have stories to share and the deep satisfaction that comes from doing the thing that you're supposed to be doing (writing!) don't miss this section:

45:58 - The final piece of the puzzle

What Attendees are saying...

"This makes it look SO much more manageable."

" I've been wanting to do something like this for years. I actually got a first draft last night, looking at the template. It's pretty cool."

 "Yes I COMMIT!!!"

"Thanks for the webinar, Julie! This was helpful. 🙂"

"Making my plan now!"

Don't Love Video?

I get it. You're a reader as well as a writer. Video might not be your thing. So I made this for you:

A written report that contains everything I talked about in the workshop. Download it as a PDF now.

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